Updated schedule effective 18Jan 2016.

 Flight No.DepartLocal TimeArriveLocal Time
MONDAY ON002 Brisbane 0700 Nauru 1335
  ON001 Nauru 1440 Brisbane 1715
WEDNESDAY ON002 Brisbane 0700 Nauru 1335
  ON001 Nauru 1440 Brisbane 1715
FRIDAY ON002 Brisbane 0100 Honiara 0530
  ON002 Honiara 0615 Nauru 0905
  ON001 Nauru 1040 Brisbane 1315
FRIDAY ON018 Nadi 0630 Nauru 0940
  ON033 Nauru 1115 Tarawa 1230
  ON033 Tarawa 1330 Majuro 1445
  ON033 Majuro 1540 Kosrae 1610
  ON033 Kosrae 1655 Pohnpei 1755
  ON035 Pohnpei 1855 Chuuk 1915
SUNDAY ON034 Chuuk 0240 Pohnpei 0500 (from 22Nov15)
  ON032 Pohnpei 0600 Kosrae 0700
  ON032 Kosrae 0755 Majuro 1025
  ON032 Majuro 1120 Tarawa 1235
  ON032 Tarawa 1315 Nauru 1430
  ON017 Nauru 1530 Nadi 1840
SUNDAY ON002 Brisbane 0700 Nauru 1335 (via Honiara)
  ON001 Nauru 1555 Honiara 1645
  ON001 Honiara 1730 Brisbane 1945

Yellow highlights indicate flights to/from Nauru to the Pacific/FSM

Green highlights indicate flights Nadi-Nauru-Nadi

Blue highlights indicate Brisbane to/from Nauru direct

To make a booking contact your travel agent or call us on:
LocationPhone NumberEmail Address
Nauru Airlines – Australia +61 7 3229 6455 brisbane@nauruairlines.com.au
Nauru Airlines – Nauru +674 557 7000 naurusales@nauruairlines.com.nr
Air Marshall Islands – Majuro +692 625 3733 amisales@ntamar.net
Pacific Unique Travel – Majuro +692 625 3409 salesagent@putrmi.com
GSA – Air Kiribati +686 215 50 airkiribati.sales@gmail.com
Oneworld Flight Centre – Nadi +679 331 5311 admin@oneworldflight.com.fj

Our Destinations

Welcome to Nauru Airlines and the Central Pacific!

Nauru Airlines has been flying the Central and South Pacific for over 30 years serving the various Communities, businesses and Governments for their travel, trade and communication needs. We continue this proud tradition by serving markets that we pioneered many years ago and these form core part of our business.

Central Pacific covers a vast area of the Pacific Ocean. Islands lined with swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches provide an idyllic place for the Micronesians to live and for the tourists to visit. We serve Nauru and Kiribati connecting both Nations to Australia and Fiji – the hub of the South Pacific.

Welcome to Nauru Airlines and the Central Pacific!

Doing business in the Central Pacific has never been easier. Jump onboard our Boeing 737 aircraft and let our friendly Cabin Crew take care of your comfort on board. We offer both business and economy class services and high quality meals and drinks for our passengers.

Our services have been designed to give our customers same plane service to get them to Nauru or Kiribati from Brisbane, Australia and Nadi, Fiji. The schedules allow the business, government and other passengers sufficient time to complete their work and catch our return flight to Australia which offers same day connections to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Auckland and Asia/Europe.

Welcome to Nauru Airlines!

Our Crew are highly trained to ensure we fly to highest standards of safety and provide a unique Micronesian Service on board. The Nauruan Cabin Crews are some of the best in the Industry and take great pride in looking after your comfort on board.

Our service is distinctively different. When combined with our hot meals and a good selection of drinks puts Nauru Airlines in a class of its own in the friendly skies of the Central and South Pacific.