Baggage Allowances

Carry-on Baggage

The following maximum allowances apply for Carry-on Baggage for all Nauru Airlines International Travel:

CabinWeight AllowanceMaximum Dimensions**
Business 7kg 48(l) x 34(h) x 23(d) cm ##
Economy 7kg 48(l) x 34(h) x 23(d) cm ##

Additional allowances at our absolute discretion include a handbag, pocketbook or purse which is appropriate to normal travelling dress and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which could otherwise be regarded as Baggage; an overcoat or wrap; an umbrella (pointed and/or sharp prohibited) or walking stick; a small camera and/or pair of binoculars; a reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight; infant's food for consumption in flight; or a small amount of duty-free goods. ** Medical assistance items (crutches, wheelchairs etc) are exempt from this requirement. Please refer to our section on Mobility Aids. ## For non rigid Baggage such as a garment bag the maximum dimensions permitted are 60(l) x 114(h) x 11(d) cm.

Checked Baggage

For International Travel onboard Nauru Airlines flights the following allowances are included in your Fare. All other Baggage which is larger and/or heavier than your allowance will constitute excess and/or oversized Baggage.

Nauru Airlines Flights to/from all International Destinations:

Fare TypeWeight Allowance
Premium Business 45kg
Fully Flexible 25kg
Flexi Saver 25kg
Pacific Saver 23kg
Sale/other 23kg

Notes: 1 The maximum weight per piece of Baggage must not exceed 32 kilograms 2 Total dimensions of Baggage must not exceed 270cm with no one piece exceeding 158cm 3 Nauru Airlines does not accept the following items as Checked Baggage and does not accept liability for their loss or damage unless the items are identified to Nauru Airlines and it has, in its absolute discretion, given its written acceptance for carriage and accepted liability in writing for their loss or damage: (a) Cash, credit cards, deeds, passports and other travel documents, securities, business documents or other valuable documents; (b) Jewellery, antiques, precious metals or similar valuable items; (c) Any item of a delicate, fragile or brittle nature e.g. glassware, sports equipment, musical instruments; (d) Any item of a perishable nature e.g. seafood; (e) Medicines; (f) Electrical or electronic components e.g. computers, cameras; (g) Any item that has insufficient packaging to withstand the normal circumstances and effects of carriage by air.

Allowances for Infants

Adults accompanying infants are entitled to check-in one stroller, bassinet or car seat. If used to board the aircraft these items will be stowed in the aircraft hold.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage can be paid for at the airport or prepaid through your booking agent. If prepaid there is no refund offered if the actual baggage lifted weighs less than the weight paid for.

Excess Baggage Charges:

UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGEUnaccompanied Baggage is passenger baggage sent separately as personal-effects cargo, and not as baggage accompanied by a passenger. Passenger baggage is a person’s personal wearing apparel, portable sporting goods and portable musical instruments. It does NOT include combustion/electric engines, motor parts and tools of trade. When personal effects are consigned as Unaccompanied Baggage, the passenger must present a copy of their passenger ticket to prove they are genuine passengers. Please call one of our Cargo Agents to get a quote. Sending your excess baggage as unaccompanied baggage is often cheaper. You will need to have the baggage with the cargo agent a number of days prior to travel – the cargo agent will advise you of the local requirements.

RouteCharge $ / KG
BNE - INU or INU - BNE AUD 14/kg
BNE - TRW or TRW - BNE AUD 18/kg
INU - TRW or TRW - INU AUD 7/kg
INU - NAN AUD 17/kg
NAN - INU FJD 28/kg
MAJ - TRW USD 7/kg
MAJ - INU USD 10/kg
MAJ - BNE USD 21/kg
MAJ - NAN USD 20/kg
TRW - MAJ AUD 6/kg
INU - MAJ AUD 9/kg
BNE - MAJ AUD 20/kg

FJD 36/kg


AUD 15/kg


FJD 26/kg


FJD 56/kg